Meaningful handmade jewelry

I began making jewelry in 2004 and taking my work to the Farmer's Market in Telluride, Colorado. The positive interactions and feedback that I received there reinforced my desire and determination to turn my creative pursuits into a full-time job! I spent several years traveling southwestern art shows before opening my Etsy shop in 2012. I am inspired by and grateful for the global Etsy community! I care about the work that I do and strive to reflect that in each piece that I make. The greatest thrill of my job is hearing back from my customers and finding out that I have made something that is meaningful to them!

What's in the 7 Elements name? Shibumi (also shibui or shibusa) is a Japanese aesthetic of simple, unobtrusive beauty. It resonates with me so strongly that I named my business to reflect that connection.
The 7 Elements of Shibumi are:

Shibumi recognizes paradoxical characteristics such as perfect imperfection or simple elegance. So often it is the paradoxical aspects of people, places and objects that are incredibly meaningful and inspiring to me!

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